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Altar Boys – Acolytes

The word acolyte comes from the Greek and means attendant that is free from sin. Acolytes or altar boys have a very important role in the Orthodox Church services. They help priests and bishops better serve God and the Church. Altar boys represent the angels of the church because they are pure and are always ready to assist all those who need them. It is a great honor to serve as an acolyte.

The most important thing young boys must realize is that when they are an acolyte or altar boy, people are depending on them and look up to them to better reach God through prayer. Altar boys are an example to others so they must always be calm, pious, and ready to serve. Acolytes wear special vestments: a tunic (stiharion) which represents purity of soul, happiness, and salvation.

Our Altar boys are divided into two groups. The groups participate on opposite Sundays. On most Sundays, following Holy Communion, the younger altar boys will attend their Sunday School classes. Altar boys should be in the altar by the beginning of the Divine Liturgy in order to assist the priest in each of the processions. If you have any questions, please contact Father Demetre.

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